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B.A. Umberger "Old Man Umby"

About Me

Gamer. Designer. Writer. Publisher.

Games & Theory is a U.S.-based tabletop roleplaying game development and publishing website by Old Man Umby.

As a player myself, I follow a gamer first philosophy. Here, I play what I create, and I create what I love. My passion for tabletop roleplaying games knows no bounds.

In more detail, Games & Theory is the brainchild of gaming enthusiast B.A. Umberger (Old Man Umby). I personally design and develop gaming projects, and I work hard to maintain an excellent reputation for producing quality games and supplements.

I'm definitely a one-man show. Over the years, I have accumulated experience in commissioned sales, business management, copy creation, typesetting, page layout, graphic design, cartography, prepress, and offset press operations. I also have experience in technical writing, editing, roleplaying game mechanics, tabletop RPG design, database management, plus website development. I have vast experience with design software, including Adobe and Affinity products and everything in-between, including 3D modeling and rendering applications.

I have always had it in the back of my mind that I would one day write a science fiction or fantasy novel, or both, and of late, those thoughts have resurfaced with a vengeance. My recent projects are a testament to that drive.

I aim to inspire those who read, play, and tinker with adventure and game mechanics. My imagination and over 40 years of experience with tabletop roleplaying games and mechanics set me on this course; perhaps I should see where my dreams take me.

As well as my intellectual properties, I also tinker with various other OGL systems such as Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition SRD compliant adventures, campaigns, and supplements with other systems coming aboard shortly. I've also worked with Stone Mountain Press on projects for SUPERS! Revised Edition. Visit my Portfolio page for more information.

These passions bring me to my current goals: to work on developing a tabletop roleplaying game and campaign world wherein I can create my own adventures and stories.


I'm always looking for other game designers, writers, and artists to work with on various projects or to help publish their products. Visit my Contact page if you want to learn about working with me.